about me

Let's get to know each other

Shalom! I am Sharon Regev, an experienced tour guide, senior diplomat, and public speaker, here to embark on an extraordinary journey through Israel with you.

With a background in international relations, political science and law and equipped with a degree from the Israel National Defense College, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills that contribute to my work.

You see, for me, being a certified tour guide and diplomat is not just a job – it’s a calling. It’s the opportunity to combine my passion for connecting with people and my deep love for Israel.

My tours offer a unique perspective and a special touch, influenced by my firsthand experiences and diplomatic work both within Israel and abroad.

Over the course of my career, including my time as the Director of the Interreligious Affairs Department in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with diverse communities and fostering dialogue between cultures.

These invaluable experiences have shaped my understanding of the Holy Land’s unique tapestry of cultures, beliefs, and traditions and have inspired me to share its beauty and intricacies with those who seek a deeper connection.

Join me as we uncover the vibrant colors, savor the unique flavors, and witness the fascinating people and places of the Holy Land. Buckle up; we are going on an adventure of a lifetime!