Ein Karem

The sacred birthplace: spiritual serenity, ancient history, arts and lots of charm

Ein Karem (“Spring of the Vineyard”) is a picturesque village that holds great religious and historical significance. According to Christian tradition, it’s the birthplace of John the Baptist, who announced the coming of Jesus Christ. Today, Ein Karem is a neighborhood in Jerusalem that attracts tourists for its charming atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

If you’re interested in exploring Ein Karem, my tour will take you to the village’s magical and historic sites.

First, we’ll visit the Church of the Visitation, where Mary, the mother of Jesus, visited her pregnant cousin Elizabeth. The church, rebuilt in the 1950s, is known for its beautiful artwork and architecture.

Next, we’ll head to St. John the Baptist Church, an ancient church that’s believed to be built on the site where John the Baptist was born. Although it’s been rebuilt and renovated several times, it still retains its original beauty.

Mary’s Spring or Fountain of the Virgin is another spot worth checking out. It’s a well that’s said to have been used by Mary during her visit to Ein Karem. Situated in the historic village center, with a small, abandoned mosque built over it, the spring is the origin of the name Ein Karem.

Finally, we’ll visit the convent Notre Dame de Sion, a beautiful monastery built in the 19th century. It features stunning architecture, artwork, and a peaceful garden perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Overall, my tour of Ein Karem is an ideal way to experience the village’s rich history and religious significance while enjoying its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

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