Akko (Acre)  

History, culture, culinary delights and coastal beauty

Welcome to Akko, also known as Acre, a fascinating city situated on the picturesque Mediterranean coast of northern Israel. As visitors, we are transported on an immersive journey through time, discovering some of the city’s most important historical sites and landmarks with a rich history dating back to the 18th century BC. The Phoenicians founded Akko, and the Crusaders later conquered it in the 12th century CE.

With its well-preserved architecture and captivating history, the Old City is a must-stop. Located in the heart of the Old City, the Crusader City is a significant section of the Old City built by the Crusaders, containing numerous landmarks such as the Knights’ Halls, the Hospitaller Church, and the Templar Tunnel. The museum inside these landmarks provides insight into the city’s rich history and culture, displaying exhibits and artifacts from the Phoenician, Roman, Crusader, and Ottoman periods. Walking through these ancient halls, we experience the grandeur of the Crusader period, which has left a lasting impression on the city.

The Old City Market is the bustling heart of Akko, offering a shopper’s paradise where we can find souvenirs, spices, and local goods. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant local culture and experience Akko’s traditional flavors.

Other interesting sites and landmarks in Akko include the Al-Jazzar Mosque, the “Hammam el-Basha” museum, and the “Jariva” Tunisian Synagogue, each providing a unique window into the city’s past and present.

For a different kind of beauty, the Bahai Gardens offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. These stunning gardens are a popular tourist attraction, with their tranquil ambiance offering an oasis of peace and serenity.

My tour of Akko is an excellent way to discover the city’s rich heritage and experience the unique beauty and charm of this historic and captivating place. From the Crusader City to the Bahai Gardens, the Knights Halls to the Old City Market, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. I highly recommend a visit to Akko to discover the treasures of this fascinating city.

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